Autopathy consultation per email

I offer the possibility of consultation on autopathy per email. The consultation takes place as follows:

After the client had contacted me at the address: asking me for advice on how to proceed with autopathy, I send him/her an email with a questionnaire, which he/she completes and sends back to me. In the same email I enclose information about the payment (see prices below) and when the payment arrives I send immediately the recommended individual procedure for use of the autopathic dosage for the nearest time period of several weeks till two months. After this time, it is advisable to contact me for a follow-up consultation, where the client briefly describes the development of his/her condition and I subsequently recommend an adjustment of the three parameters of autopathic healing (the level of dilution, the form of preparation, the frequency of application). To obtain the necessary information for ascertaining the optimal procedure in harmonizing the body and the mind, the follow-up consultation can take place in several phases on the basis of the questionnaire and in further email exchanges with the client about his/her condition.

Prices for consultation:
Initial consultation……………70 USD
Follow up consultation…….. 50 USD

Methods of payment:

To bank account: IBAN CZ29 0800 0000 0015 2421 2113   BIC code: GIBACZPX  Paypal:

The autopathy bottle and other products can be ordered from the e-shop:

More information about autopathy at:

About me: I practice autopathy as a consultant in close professional cooperation with the founder of  method, my father Jiří Čehovský. I have had experience with successful treatment and application of this method since 2002, I have been running a consulting practice in Prague since 2012.

Advisor in autopathic self-treatment
Lecturer of autopathy courses, author of case studies and articles in alternative medicine journals